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Red Muscadine 750ml

Red Muscadine

A flavorful best-selling wine with amazing ruby color and cotton candy aroma. Estate-grown. 12% ABV.

White Muscadine 750ml

White Muscadine

Fresh fruit aromas with sweet finish. Estate-grown and one of our most popular white wines. 12% ABV.

Pink Muscadine 750ml

Pink Muscadine

Bright and fresh with a sweet finish. This Estate-grown blush wine bursts with nectarine and plum flavors. 12% ABV.

Light Wines

Lower alcohol (7%) • Juicy & fruity • FUN • d’asti-style

Blue Parachute

POST famous blue Parachute wine is lightly sweet and fragrant. Refreshing fruit aromas that tingle the tongue. Slightly effervescent Riesling-styled. 7% ABV. Serve chilled or over crushed ice. True Muscadine flavor and aroma!

Strawberry Fields

Medium-sweet Rosé made with natural and real strawberries. 8% ABV. Refreshing chilled or over ice.


Sweet, light, refreshing d’asti-styled Moscato that pairs well with spicy foods. Pour over fresh cubes of watermelon for a brunch favorite! 10% ABV.

Red Moscato

Sweet, light and slightly effervescent with cotton-candy aromas. Try our “Chandelier” drink recipe found on the bottle. 10% ABV.

Value Wines

Premium wines at everyday great prices. Smooth, well-balanced wines.

Traditional Red Bottle 750ml

Traditional Red

Medium-bodied Bordeaux Style wine with ripe berry overtones. Smooth and easy to enjoy. 12% ABV. Serve cellar temp. 55°F.

Traditional white bottle 750 ml

Traditional White

Medium-dry crisp classic white. 12% ABV. Serve chilled.

Post White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel

Wonderful peachy strawberry aromas and a smooth clean finish. This delightful everyday Rose is available in 750ml and 1.5L bottle that is plenty to share during a meal with friends. 12% ABV. Serve chilled.


Sweet white Niagara is a favorite with spicy foods, fruits and creamy cheeses. Peachy aromas, smooth finish. 12% ABV. Served chilled or over ice.
blush Niagara bottle 750ml

Blush Niagara

Has delightful fresh berry aromas with a peachy, sweet finish. This long-time favorite is American grown and ready for you to enjoy. 12.5% ABV. Serve chilled.

Red Table Wine Bottle 750ml

Red Table Wine

Captures all the aroma and flavor of the fresh Concord grape. American-grown sweet wine available in a 750ml and 1.5L bottle. 12.5% ABV.

Sweet Sangria 750ml

Sweet Sangria

Medium-sweet red wine blend made with natural juices and flavors. Imagine cherry, orange, with a hint of lime. 10% ABV. Chill that bottle!

Concord bottle 750ml


A smooth dessert wine that you will enjoy! Available in 750ml or 1.5L bottle. This best-selling American port is rich with grapey flavors. 19% ABV.

White Port bottle 750ml

White Port

Our white port has fresh pear or apple-like aromas swirling from every glass. Serve chilled, over ice or as a mixer. 19% ABV.

Delawine bottle 750ml


A smooth sweet Rosé, with fruity aromas with a velvet smooth finish. 19% ABV. Serve chilled.

Regional Wines

Chardonnay bottle 750ml


Unoaked and essentially dry with delightfully fruit aromas and a clean finish. 12% ABV. Serve chilled.

Cabernet Sauvignon bottle 750ml

Cabernet Sauvignon

POST Cabernet Sauvignon has rich berry aromas and an elegant finish. 12.5% ABV. Serve this classic dry red at cellar temperature 55°F.


This dry Merlot has easy tannins with a black cherry aroma, plum flavors and a soft finish. 12% ABV. Serve at cellar temp.

pinot grigio bottle 750ml

Pinot Grigio

Fresh, light-bodied dry and delicate with crisp acidity. Favorite Go-To Wine. 12% ABV. Serve chilled.

Train Whistle

Crisp grapefruit aromas and a fresh tart taste. This dry white wine is named in honor of our history with the American Railroad. 12% ABV.

Spumante bottle sparkling


Spumante = Celebrations! Ours is sparkly sweet with Moscato-like flavors. High-pressure twistcap makes it easy to open and enjoy. 12% ABV. Serve icy cold.
brut bottle sparkling


This dry to off-dry bubbly Pinot Grigio is a beautiful celebratory drink! High-pressure twistcap makes it easy to open and enjoy! 12% ABV. Serve icy cold.
Zara Mora bottle 750ml

Zarza Mora

Merlot blended with natural blackberry juice and is medium-sweet.10% ABV. Pairs well with cheddar cheese.


Ives is big and bold, an American heritage varietal with grape-y flavors and aromas. We bin-ferment Ives, extracting beautiful garnet color and super flavors. 12% ABV. Serve Cellar Temp.
enchantment bottle 750ml


2018 Vintage: Easy-drinking dry red wine is made from 100% Enchantment grapes.
Lightly oaked and lower in tannins, Enchantment is popular with the red wine crowd. 12.5% ABV. Serve Cellar Temp.


Post Chambourcin is a classic dry red with clean caramel and vanilla notes, bing cherry and dark fruit aromas. 12.5% ABV. Regional favorite.

Post Sherry 2020


POST’S Sherry is nutty, smooth and sweet, perfect accompaniment for Blue Cheese and roasted nuts. Made in the Solera-syle, our Sherry is aged many years and blended to achieve consistent taste and smoothness. 19% ABV.

Muscadine Juice

The Muscadine grape (vitus rotundifolia) is an intensely aromatic native grape available in red and bronze varieties: Noble, Sugargate, Summit and Carlos. Bronze varieties are also known as Scuppernong.

We grow our Muscadine grapes in the southern Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. These true-fruit juices are 100% grape juice, no water or sugar is added. Pasteurized and packaged in clear glass bottles with twistcap closures, POST grape juices are shelf stable & need refrigeration only after opening.

The sweet intensity of Muscadine juice makes it an amazing mixer for fresh sodas, punches or
cocktails. White Muscadine Juice is a delicious substitution for part of the recipe liquid in muffins or cakes. A simple juice spritzer recipe is shared on the back of each bottle.

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