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Red Muscadine 750ml

Red Muscadine

A flavorful best-selling wine with amazing ruby color and cotton candy aroma. Estate-grown. 12% ABV.

White Muscadine 750ml

White Muscadine

Fresh fruit aromas with sweet finish. Estate-grown and one of our most popular white wines. 12% ABV.

Pink Muscadine 750ml

Pink Muscadine

Bright and fresh with a sweet finish. This Estate-grown blush wine bursts with nectarine and plum flavors. 12% ABV.

Light Wines

Lower alcohol (7%) • Juicy & fruity • FUN • d’asti-style

Blue Parachute

POST famous blue Parachute wine is lightly sweet and fragrant. Refreshing fruit aromas that tingle the tongue. Slightly effervescent Riesling-styled. 7% ABV. Serve chilled or over crushed ice. True Muscadine flavor and aroma!

Strawberry Fields

Medium-sweet Rosé made with natural and real strawberries. 8% ABV. Refreshing chilled or over ice.


Sweet, light, refreshing d’asti-styled Moscato that pairs well with spicy foods. Pour over fresh cubes of watermelon for a brunch favorite! 10% ABV.

Red Moscato

Sweet, light and slightly effervescent with cotton-candy aromas. Try our “Chandelier” drink recipe found on the bottle. 10% ABV.

Value Wines

Premium wines at everyday great prices. Smooth, well-balanced wines.

Traditional Red Bottle 750ml

Traditional Red

Medium-bodied Bordeaux Style wine with ripe berry overtones. Smooth and easy to enjoy. 12% ABV. Serve cellar temp. 55°F.

Traditional white bottle 750 ml

Traditional White

Medium-dry crisp classic white. 12% ABV. Serve chilled.

Post White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel

Wonderful peachy strawberry aromas and a smooth clean finish. This delightful everyday Rose is available in 750ml and 1.5L bottle that is plenty to share during a meal with friends. 12% ABV. Serve chilled.


Sweet white Niagara is a favorite with spicy foods, fruits and creamy cheeses. Peachy aromas, smooth finish. 12% ABV. Served chilled or over ice.
blush Niagara bottle 750ml

Blush Niagara

Has delightful fresh berry aromas with a peachy, sweet finish. This long-time favorite is American grown and ready for you to enjoy. 12.5% ABV. Serve chilled.

Red Table Wine Bottle 750ml

Red Table Wine

Captures all the aroma and flavor of the fresh Concord grape. American-grown sweet wine available in a 750ml and 1.5L bottle. 12.5% ABV.

Sweet Sangria 750ml

Sweet Sangria

Medium-sweet red wine blend made with natural juices and flavors. Imagine cherry, orange, with a hint of lime. 10% ABV. Chill that bottle!

Concord bottle 750ml


A smooth dessert wine that you will enjoy! Available in 750ml or 1.5L bottle. This best-selling American port is rich with grapey flavors. 19% ABV.

White Port bottle 750ml

White Port

Our white port has fresh pear or apple-like aromas swirling from every glass. Serve chilled, over ice or as a mixer. 19% ABV.

Delawine bottle 750ml


A smooth sweet Rosé, with fruity aromas with a velvet smooth finish. 19% ABV. Serve chilled.

Regional Wines

Chardonnay bottle 750ml


Unoaked and essentially dry with delightfully fruit aromas and a clean finish. 12% ABV. Serve chilled.

Cabernet Sauvignon bottle 750ml

Cabernet Sauvignon

POST Cabernet Sauvignon has rich berry aromas and an elegant finish. 12.5% ABV. Serve this classic dry red at cellar temperature 55°F.


This dry Merlot has easy tannins with a black cherry aroma, plum flavors and a soft finish. 12% ABV. Serve at cellar temp.

pinot grigio bottle 750ml

Pinot Grigio

Fresh, light-bodied dry and delicate with crisp acidity. Favorite Go-To Wine. 12% ABV. Serve chilled.

Train Whistle

Crisp grapefruit aromas and a fresh tart taste. This dry white wine is named in honor of our history with the American Railroad. 12% ABV.

Spumante bottle sparkling


Spumante is synonomous with Celebrations! Ours is sparkly sweet with Moscato-like flavors. High-pressure twistcap makes it easy to open and enjoy. 12% ABV. Serve icy cold.
brut bottle sparkling


This dry to off-dry bubbly Pinot Grigio is a beautiful celebratory drink! High-pressure twistcap makes it easy to open and enjoy! 12% ABV. Serve icy cold.
Zara Mora bottle 750ml

Zarza Mora

Merlot blended with natural blackberry juice and is medium-sweet.10% ABV. Pairs well with cheddar cheese.


Ives is big and bold, an American heritage
grape varietal with grapey flavors and aromas. POST bin ferments Ives, extracting beautiful garnet color and super flavors. 12% ABV. Serve Cellar Temp.
enchantment bottle 750ml


2018 Vintage: Easy-drinking dry red wine is made from 100% Enchantment grapes.
Lightly oaked and lower in tannins, Enchantment is popular with the red wine crowd. 12.5% ABV. Serve Cellar Temp.


Post Chambourcin is a classic dry red with clean caramel and vanilla notes, bing cherry and dark fruit aromas. 12.5% ABV. Regional favorite.

Post Sherry 2020


POST’S Sherry is nutty, smooth and sweet, perfect accompaniment for Blue Cheese and roasted nuts. Made in the Solera-syle with our Niagara grapes, our Sherry is aged many years to achieve the unique taste and smoothness. 19% ABV.

Muscadine Juice

Since the mid-1960s, we have specialized in making wine and juice from the Muscadine grape (vitus rotundifolia), an intensely aromatic native grape available in red and bronze varieties: Noble, Sugargate, Summit and Carlos. Bronze varieties are also known as Scuppernong.

We grow our grapes in the southern Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. These true-fruit juices are 100% grape juice, no water or sugar is added. Pasteurized and packaged in clear glass bottles with twistcap closures, POST grape juices are shelf stable & need refrigeration only after opening.

The sweet intensity of Muscadine juice makes it an amazing mixer for fresh sodas, punches or
cocktails. White Muscadine Juice is a delicious substitution for part of the recipe liquid in muffins or cakes. A simple juice spritzer recipe is shared on the back of each bottle.

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